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Not much to say tonight...

... so I won't be writing too much. I had an interesting conversation with an online friend tonight until I decided I was being a bit of a pain in the ass about my position and called it an evening. Our topics ranged from her hobby of spinning (which I think is intriguing because it makes something from practically nothing) to the motives in the fashion world. I won't say I agreed with everything she had to say, but it was at least a refreshing infusion of perspective. Hopefully she'll find it in her heart to forgive me for being so pedantic about some of my ideas.

Work was what it was. I only got through about a quarter of what I wanted to get done today, although I guess that I got any work done at all should be something to celebrate. My desire to be even remotely productive has been obliterated by the fact that a month after my review I still haven't heard a word about my raise beyond "the paperwork is still being done." I think I'll write an angry e-mail to my manager tomorrow about the matter of the salary increase. I had stupid helpdesk tickets that I will transcribe here for your amusement tomorrow if I feel like it or have some time to kill. I expect the later to be the case rather than the former.

After I got home I knocked back a couple Cape Cods while I puttered around online. Cape Cods are the nectar that is achieved by the liberal joining of vodka to cranberry juice. The way I mix them the joining is very liberal indeed, but somehow I just didn't feel them tonight. Maybe my liver has decided to get back on track?

Now I think I'll go remake my bed, brush back some of the sand dune that Ra creates by tracking kitty litter out of his pan and then read for a while.

A voice like a whisper is bound to be heard

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