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chebutykin rocks my world. It seems she went digging through my Amazon wish list, found the one item I was most conflicted about... and then she bought it for me. I'm now the proud owner of a spanking-new copy of The Quick and The Dead. I'm conflicted about this movie because it has Leonardo DiCaprio in it... that's a big minus, even though he didn't totally suck as 'The Kid'. The overwhelming plusses for this movie is that it has Russell Crowe, Gene Hackman and Lance Henriksen (Lance played 'Bishop' in Aliens, and continues to hold a special place in my heart next to Christopher Walken and David Duchovny).

Today was a slow day. I stayed home because I felt lousy, and sure enough when I finally got out of bed around 10:30 this morning I had a good start on a migraine going. I borrowed some of Kestral's pain killers for my own nefarious uses and then puttered around the apartment after taking a shower. Kes was also home today, although if she had the day off or not is something I'm uncertain of. We both took a pause from our individual time-killing procedures to grab a quick spot of lunch, then back we went to idly killing time. Around 2 PM I decided to go lounge out in the living room. Since I've never been sober any time I watched "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" I decided that it would be an ideal time to drop the movie in. So I popped it in the DVD player and watched it all the way through, stone-sober. It's a pretty good film, by and large. I have a few nits with it here and there, but when I consider the overall age demographic it was aimed at (yes, adults can enjoy it too, but it was aimed most directly for the kids/young teens) I can't complain about it too vehemently. It also helped me kill a fair bit of time.

Tonight was dinner at the local family-owned Greek joint, then a quick jaunt over to Sam's Club for some groceries and other necessities. I'm not really looking forwards to work tomorrow, but I do need to get in there to get some work down. I have to finish writing my paper for the OpenView project so I can move on to other things. What's worrisome is we're only in February and I've already burned two of my five sick days for the year -- both for the same reason so far: migraines. I wonder what the rest of the year holds for me in this respect. If I'm back where I was in 2000 with headaches cropping up all the time because of the bogus crap I have to go through at the office I'm going to be in bad shape four months from now.

Additionally: I have been drinking a ton of caffeine lately. I find myself wondering if this is why I've been feeling so out of kilter lately.

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