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Lazy day, busy night. Wait, that sounds like a euphemism...

Sorry to say it's not, though. It's the general truth of things.

Saturday morning I let myself sleep in for as long as I could. It ended up not being terribly long since Ra decided around 0915 in the morning that I was a neglectful owner and needed repeated punishment because I hadn't fed him yet. I am such a horrible man even my housecat thinks I need to be beaten...

After feeding Ra and staggering out of bed I spent the next couple hours in a haze. I'd sent directions to kristenq and hightensile the night previous so that they could make their way down to the apartment for an afternoon of hanging out. roho, enveri and I did a little bit of cleaning and reorganizing, then decided to break for lunch because we hadn't heard anything from the two Wisconsonites yet. We grabbed gas at the Citgo about three miles from the apartment (which was as we all predicted a terrifyingly busy stationstore) and then headed off to our usual Saturday lunch establishment, bd's mongolian barbeque. I think Roho and I surprised Kestral with our knowledge of exactly how to get to IL-53 even though IL-53 appeared to be in the exact opposite direction from which we were travelling. Illinois roads don't make any sense at all, nope.

Lunch at BD's was quite good, as usual. Joe was on the grill and our waiter (I think it was Tim?) wasn't too bad. Like most of the waiters who aren't Joe, Sarah or Jill this poor fellow just didn't quite believe us when we told him we burned through tortilla shells like they were going out of style. So... even though he brought out extra shells for us we still ran out three-quarters of the way through our meal. Oh well, that's at least better than the dude who brought us waters instead of diet Coke like we'd asked....

On the way home we again realized we'd forgotten to bring Roho's semi-broken PS2 with us for repairwork at the nearby Best Buy. We're hoping to remedy that situation soon because now it's starting to hose up on important things like the animatics on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Do NOT mess with our VC!

Once back at the apartment there was a bit more puttering, but no sign of the two Madison folks. Finally I tried giving them a ring to see what was going on and, after a little phone tag managed to get ahold of them both. Poor Kat had just woken up and Kit had just returned fro retrieving a U-haul truck from some remote town that had a population of 600 -- including the dogs and cats that were married, and everyone's teeth. A bit of begging and pleading ensued on my behalf as well as Kat's to encourage Kitfox to join us and finally he relented. Hot damn, I'd get to see two cool folks whom have been damn scarce the last few months since MFF. They hit the road sometime around 3:30 in the afternoon, and I was left feeling a little dazed and groggy from my late bedtime the night previous as well as the heavy meal I had enjoyed at BD's, so I decided to get a couple hours of naptime in. Roho and Kes did more apartment cleaning while I was sleeping, so... I owe them lunch or something because I wasn't awake and helping them.

The two Madisonites arrived sometime after 6pm, having gotten a bit lost after missing an important turn to get to our apartment. They had called us on the phone a few minutes beforehand, asking if the intersection in question was major or just sort of hidden. We gave them revised directions, had a bit of a giggle at their expense and then waited patiently for them to show up. When they did everyone was happy because we've been looking forwards to having them as houseguests for the entire week. Kit gifted me with a belated Christmas gift -- belated only because I hadn't been to Madison to get it yet! -- that was super cool. Somehow, I don't know how, he'd managed to find a Livingstone sculpture of a panther on a tree -- one that I didn't own yet, no less! He must be gifted with spooky psychic powers to pull that particular achievement off.

Kit was introduced to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City while Kat and I had a cigarette outside and then talked for a while. We've been chattering quite a bit over Instant Messenger for months, but it's always nice to be able to actually sit down at talk to one another in person. Eventually a vote was held and the decision was made to change our plans. Originally Kat had wanted to cook dinner for us, but with the time of day it was and the forces of inertia beginning to act upon us we decided it would be nicer to simply walk across the street to the little greek-run restaurant. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food there, which reassures me that my taste in restaurants hasn't been totally skewed. Fish, steak, fruit... everything seemed to be pretty good. Over-the-table conversation varied from past relationships to the insanity of the world around us, and it was good. On the walk back to the apartment I told the one truly funny story I have (Why is it that the only funny story I have involves Turette's and a near-beating?!?) and had most everyone giggling. I'm always happy to dust that little anecdote off, pass it around and then plunge it back into storage.

The apartment was most welcome when we finally made it back, it provided a warm, windless haven from the cutting cold breeze of a cloudless night. People settled in, played a bit more on the PS2 and then selected Office Space for a movie to digest to. Roho and Kes had already seen it enough times that they splintered off to do a few things on their own (and sip wine) while the remaining three of us settled on the couch to watch the film (and sip wine). I haven't seen the flick in a few weeks so I was more than happy to sit back and chuckle at the funny parts, and cringe at how remarkably accurate Mike Judge was when he wrote the screen play.

After the movie we shuffled a few boxes out of Kat's car, which are due to be taken down to jenwolf sometime today by aureth after he meets with Kestral and Roho for the MFF meeting. I got a hug from Kat -- yay! -- and then sent them on their way back to Madison. I don't envy them the drive back... it was sometime around 11:30 in the evening and they had a drive that was nearly three hours long to make. Ugh.

By the way the house looked, she must have took it bad

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