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All right, that's it...

... Feren has had Quite Enough. It's smack down time.

LJ has just been depressing today. To further compound upon the mistake of reading LJ on Valentine's day I just made the mistake of skimming the VCL, and literally one half of all the art I saw uploaded today is depressed Anti-Valentine's-Day shit. For some reason all of this has served to do little more than rub me the wrong way. I'm sorry, but I feel no compassion for these people who are gnashing their teeth and wailing. "Woe is me! I'm single, and my friend isn't, so I'm going to call this "Black Valentine" and draw a furry who's been raped and murdered and dismembered!" is a popular one. Another favorite theme today is "I'm going to draw my character crying with shitty poetry in the background chastising you for daring to have a significant other!" A third favorite is "I will not be participating in this blasphemy of a day, because it's just not fair!" You know what all this boils down to? The overall message is simple... these whiny sacks of horse rectum are really just saying "I'm going to try to rain on the parade of all the people who are taking pleasure in today, so I can have the satisfaction of knowing they're as miserable as I am!"

This is called "sour grapes," children. There's only one cure for sour grapes: growing the fuck up -- and doing it fast, before the stupidity has a chance to settle in and become permanent. Idiocy like this should be terminal. Here's a little bulletin: this day was not created to "oppress" you in any way, shape or form no matter how much you might believe otherwise. Further, everyone who wants to tell me I just don't understand their perspective can kindly help themselves to a Super-Sized Serving of Suck My Wang. You want pain? Here's some pain for you: this is the first Valentine's day in over three years that I've been single. Yeah, it hurts, a lot. But you don't see me using that as an excuse to lash out at the world around me. I'm not sitting here telling my roommates that they're assholes for using today as an excuse to show a little extra love and affection for one another. If anything I'm happy for them.

If Valentine's day isn't your speed for some reason, that's cool with me. I can easily understand and agree with a decision to not get involved with it because of the commercialization that's steadily taken place over the years. But that's entirely different than setting out with the goal in mind of ruining somebody else's pleasure.

It occurs to me that most of the people who are drawing/writing these ass-lousy diatribes against a day meant to celebrate happiness and love are probably single for a very good reason. It further occurs to me that these same people are probably such sad, pathetic creatures that they couldn't get laid in a morgue.

Like a game show contestant with a parting gift

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