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Twenty-four and so much more...

It's interesting what one day can do for you. I got confirmation last night that Rich Bartrop got the money order I sent him. I was starting to wonder, because it's been well over a week since I sent it and he hadn't seen hide nor hair of the bloody thing. I knew international mail was slow but holy crow, that's bordering on insane. It wasn't like a package that needed a customs declaration, it was a bloody envelope with a single slip of paper -- the money order -- inside. I find myself wondering, Why did that take a week? Did some super-secret government anti-terrorism agent steam the envelope open to make sure it wasn't a check to fund terrorism, then spend three or four days replicating my lousy handwriting on a replacement envelope? Oh well, all that matters is Rich has his first payment, and he'll be starting work pretty shortly. This makes me excited, because I've been wanting to commission him for the last six years, give or take. I just loaned enveri my two copies of Rich's comic Zaibatsu Tears, which impressed me from the minute I heard him discussing the concept. I hope she gets a chance to read it and maybe take something away from it for her own style.

This morning frostyw sent an AIM message to my Sidekick, informing me that masem had found a patch for Trillian to handle the fine job AOL did of messing up the client AIM protocol now that they've released AOL 8.0. I love the games they try to play with the Cerulean folks. When will AOL just admit they're outclassed and quit being so damn squirrely about other clients connecting to their network?

Work was work. I won't comment on that right now, except to say that little tiny minds only understand little tiny things.

On a more pleasant topic not related to work: there was Yet More Good News About Art tonight. I won an auction on FurBid that I've been eyeballing for the last four or five days since it was brought to my attention. I'm really excited at the chance to finally get a particular image I've had kicking around in the back of my mind for almost a year now out of my head and into the hands of an artist who I believe will do a kick-ass job of bringing it to life. A select few people know what the idea is, and all of us agree that there are maybe three artists in the entire furry fandom who would do well with the piece. But when push comes to shove we all concur that the person I won the auction with is the absolute ideal and will do the most justice for the piece. I will release more details in the future. Yes, I am being a bit secretive... I don't want to spoil the surprise. *vibrates a little with anticipation*

Two very cool commissions -- both long-anticipated -- are finally coming together. It's about damn time something went right this year!

He said come on, I said what for, he said I'll show you why

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