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Doing this writing thing....

I'm not sure how aynjel does it day in and day out for work, and then for pleasure afterwards. I spent three and a half hours at work today staring at a screen, trying to write documentation to define a process that doesn't exist yet, and has had no scope created for it. How can I create documentation that sets the expectations when I have to have the expectations to know what the hell I'm writing about? It's this huge circular argument that leaves me panting and out of breath, like a hamster on an exercise wheel.

To borrow from a friend of mine, "No sense-makey." But that's work's problem, and so it should stay at work, because that's the only time I'm going to work on it anyway. I've set it as a goal that work won't follow me home in any way, shape or form now that I've completed my hideously overdue self-appraisals, and I mean to stick to my guns on that. No, it doesn't count when I'm on call, because that's part of the expectations that are set for me to get paid.

This past Saturday and Sunday were not terribly productive days for me. Saturday saw the usual trip to BD's for tasty Mongolian Goodness. This is a weekly tradition that I'm more than happy to see continue with my roommates and friends in attendance because it's a chance for all of us to unwind and enjoy tasty food. I would think that I'd get tired of the food after a while, but I guess because it's a "make your own" type of joint every meal comes out a little different, and that small change from bowl to bowl and week to week keeps things fresh and unique. Or maybe I'm just talking out of my arse, I dunno. I just know it's good food and I've never walked away disappointed except for the one time the restaurant turned us away because their ventilation system had broken down. Even then we all got coupons for five dollar discounts, so we're eating cheaper than usual every week this month. It's hard to complain about that in the big scheme of things.

Sunday itself was another quiet day. Mostly I spent it laying about, being shiftless and generally pathetic. Hey, it's what I do best. I did get to spend a decent amount of time chatting over AIM with urocyon, which made me happy. I don't see nearly enough of him anymore, and I miss his occasionally acerbic wit -- it compliments my dry and moderately cynical sense of humor quite well. While I was chatting with him we were graced with a house guest, roho's relative dropped by around 1430 that afternoon with her uber-extended DVD for "Fellowship of the Ring." She wanted to hear it in 5.1 DTS goodness, and we were more than happy to turn up the new stereo system for her (I'd like to take this opportunity to say that Roho's taste in affordable consumer audio components is Damn Fine, and I'll be getting some of this same gear for myself when the time comes to purchase such toys). Thus began over four hours of watching, listening, cheering and no-holds-barred snacking on the spread that was laid out in the living room. I didn't partake much in the watching, only walking to my bedroom doorway now and then to watch a snippet or listen to the awesome joy of digital theater sound in the home. Mostly I was chatting with Urocyon still, but I had some other distractions that kept me just a little antisocial that evening. I'm a bad boy and need to make sure I partake in social gatherings a bit more frequently.

Allow me to digress on something here that continues to surprise me. When Lori showed up she complimented me on the beard that I've been allowing to grow, saying she thought it made me look "distinguished in a professor-ish sort of way." Color me amused: I still think the beard looks like hell and personally I feel it'll need another two weeks to fill in to the point I'm completely happy with it. But I've been getting remarks about it for the last few days. Earlier today at the office I got a comment, along with a few from last week (one gal I work with went so far as to pet my beard and comment on how much she loves them!!!). I find this intriguing and a little disconcerting. It's intriguing because it's just facial hair, yet everyone seems inclined to comment on it, no matter how bad I think mine looks. It's disconcerting because I still don't even know why I'm letting it grow out. One day I just decided not to shave, as well as the next day, which cascaded into a third, then a fourth, then a fifth and so on.

I wonder if I should take a few snaps of it and post them? Nah, that's narcissism taken to a level I'm not sure I want to pursue.

Addendum: Fresh ground pepper + Tabasco + Healthy Choice Minestrone = HAPPY TASTEBUDS. Thank you, enveri for introducing me to that!

That is all.

You're my anchor in life's ocean

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