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First major problem...

Opera 7b2 won't let me access my office's mail system (via Outlook Web Access. We can argue that OWA is evil upon evil, but that doesn't change the fact that my employer has settled on it as a standard). Whenever I try to open the page I get some sort of crazy error about VBscript runtime errors, and invalid procedure calls, and logon.asp eating its children.

Unsurprisingly enough, IE doesn't have this problem. Neither does Phoenix, and that actually does surprise me.

. o O o .

I have also just discovered that Opera 7 is choking on a rather important navigation bar within my Credit Union's site. I'm not sure if I should blame this on the credit union for not following standard HTML guidelines (maybe they are, maybe they aren't) or if I should blame this on Opera. I think I'll just declare it a loss on both sides and go back to Phoenix for the time being.

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