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Minor news bit...

I found out the other day, after posting about the trip to see BMG, that my friend Chebutykin has been lurking around my LiveJournal, and evidentially the LiveJournals of my friends (whom she has humorously dubbed the "Chicago Anthro Crew"). I guess all my babblings about it on the phone intrigued her to the point she had to go investigate. Since I discovered her lurking, and her own LiveJournal, I have added her to my friends list. Huzzah! I have friends! There shall be much rejoicing.

Go read her Journal now. I command it!

As a little bit of information... Chebutykin, hereafter known as "Cheb," is one of the few friends I have been able to maintain contact with from my former life in Minnesota (mostly due to her persistence in making sure that I don't forget my roots, her repeated phone calls and sheer dogged determination not to let me be an antisocial twit), and, well, I adore her as a friend. She's always got something fun or exciting to share when I talk to her, she does an amazing job maintaining the Cthulhu Coffee web site (You know you want to buy a mug, oh yes, or even a polo shirt) and was probably one of the more influential people in my life when I was a teen banging around the BBS scene, before the Internet killed most of the bulletin boards. If that sounds strange, well, just take it for what it is. I was a weird kid, okay?

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