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What are you doing, Dave?

So I get an e-mail from one of our secretaries around 20 minutes before I leave the office to embark upon my 3-day weekend of joy. It's flagged "urgent" and the contents are simple. One attached file, and above it in big bold red letters "URGENT, PLEASE READ."

So I do read it, because this guy's secretary is usually on the ball and doesn't raise falls alarms too often. What I was greeted with was so bizarre I had to share it here. Without further ado here is the memo, edited to protect the guilty and innocent alike.



Today a consultant representing [REDACTED] has made several calls to IT staff trying to obtain information about the technology used here at [REDACTED].

[REDACTED] is a direct competitor of [REDACTED] and as such NO information should be given to them. Should you receive any calls requesting information or asking that you participate in a survey REFUSE to answer and report the call to me.

Director IT

All I can say is man, these guys must be nothing less than desperate as hell if they're trying to social engineer their way into our department in the hopes of squeezing some juicy tidbits of information about our technology plans.
Frankly, I think we should do exactly the opposite of what we're being directed to do... I think we should GIVE them all the information we can, and let them choke on it all. Because they obviously don't understand the difference between our marketing and our reality.... anybody who works here can attest that we put on a very good show despite the fact that backstage our props are on fire and there's a pissed-off tiger running loose and eating all the stage hands.

Too weird.

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