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Damn cats...

Today Ra knocked over the Corningwear "Pop-In" mug that I had received as a gift from Micah for Christmas (in addition to some chocolate treats) from where it was sitting on my desk. The handle struck the frame of my bed and sheared off. The instructions for the mug are quite clear on this matter -- the mug is to be discarded immediately because the it is no longer safe for use in the microwave. I imagine there are concerns with the integrity of the stoneware in the microwave after it's suffered a blow that could crack it.

I want to strangle my cat. Ever since I moved he's been absolutely out of control.

So far my 2003 is off to a simply underwhelming start. I hope this is only fate's way of getting the lows out of the way so I can enjoy the rest of the year.

Tomorrow is rather underwhelming. I have a staff meeting that will likely bore me to tears and make me try to swallow my own tongue. I'll address a few helpdesk tickets, and then come home. I got my D-Link DSB-650TX which was what I thought I needed to get my hacked iOpener onto the apartment LAN. There's just a small problem -- the fucking OS (A customized version of Linux for this device) refuses to number it properly on the USB bus. So now I have to figure out how I'm going to get a revised version of the OS onto the built-in SANDisk to see if a newer version of the kernel will fix this problem or not. I'm not looking forwards to having to wrestle with this problem in addition to everything else I need to take care of this weekend.

In no particular order I should do the following this weekend:
  • Get the brakes checked on the pickup, because they're squeaking, which means they need replacement.
  • Get a new exhaust system put on the pickup from the catalytic converter back.
  • Get the parking break rebuilt on the pickup. I'm going insane not having a way to keep it from rolling away while it's in neutral and warming up.
  • Vacuum the carpet in my bedroom
  • Do laundry.
  • Get the mud out of my carpet with some TLC and elbow grease.
  • Attack the iOpener issue.
  • Write my review (Yes, another one) to turn in on Tuesday.
  • Buy new pillows for my bed.
  • Other things that I'm sure I've forgotten.

    On a completely unrelated note I'm growing a beard. I look like hell.
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