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April 21, 2001 to January 15, 2003. That's a time span of about one year and eight months. Think about it for a minute... that's only a few months shy of being two years. Two years is a long time. Is it odd that even now it doesn't feel to me like it's been that long?

The time between those two dates saw a little of everything: it saw happiness and sadness. It saw hope and frustration; it witnessed love and forgiveness. It saw kindness and surprises of all kinds, it saw breakups and it saw make ups with great passion to reinforce them. It saw gifts, hope, frustration, friendship. For all the good and bad that it saw ... it is the good that I remember above all. I look back on that with a fondness that I don't think will diminish with time. The bad shouldn't outweigh the good when it had as much good as this did.

But now after nearly two years it's over. Even after all those events, all those days... there's nothing left to show for it. That's perhaps not entirely true.... there are tangible things, remnants to show what used to be. There are little things like the gifts, the letters that were kept, the thoughtful notes and cards, but... the tangible things don't compare to the intangible that was lost.

Two years, and we're left with nothing. Not even friendship.

I'll miss it.

Say a prayer for me
I'm buried by the sound
In a world of human wreckage

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