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Last night I had Burger King for dinner since it was cheap, easy and I was only a little bit hungry. For three dollars and seventy-eight cents I was able to get a medium onion ring, and two of their double cheeseburgers. It was a quick and simple dinner, followed with a decent episode of The Simpsons and a few puffs off the pipe (tobacco pipe, just to make sure there is no misunderstanding). It was a good evening, by and large, because I was able to mostly put my day behind me and just unwind. This bliss, however, was not to last.

For something like the last four hours I have been in Digestive Purgatory.

Clearly I cannot process grease of any sort anymore. Time to just face the facts and adjust my diet accordingly. Now I just wish my stomach would hurry up and finish punishing me for my foolishness. I can not get any work done if I have to keep running to the bathroom every forty-five minutes.

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