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Aiergh! Please, I need help.

You see, I am hopelessly out of touch. Last week I picked up two tags from the office building's "Angel Tree." The Angel Tree is set up in the lobby in a cooperative between our office building and the Salvation Army. They hang little tags on the tree, which people from the different companies in the building take down. On each tag is a gender, an age, a number of sizes (shoes, sleepware, pants, socks, shirts, coats, gloves, etc) as well as "other" and "toy" sections. It's sort of a chance for underprivileged kids to make a wish for Christmas. We go out, pick up something from the tag, wrap it up and return it by the 12th of December.

This year it seems few people are in the holiday spirit -- no tags seemed to be moving. So I took it upon myself to get two of them. The problem is I'm way over my head. I've been a computer geek for the last six years. I don't know anything anymore about being a kid. :P

I have a tag for a 4 year old girl, who has "books, videos, flash cards, board games, puzzles, rollerblades, tea set, dishes" down on her tag.

The other tag is for a 15 year old boy, who has "Books, backpack, camera, cassettes, videos" for his tag.

I don't know what the hell is "cool" for a 15 year old boy in terms of videos or books. I can do the rollerblade thing for the 4 year old girl with no problem, but what else is there for her? Books? Videos? What's a video to get for a four year old girl?

Suggestions welcomed and greatly appreciated. I have to turn these things in by Thursday, the 12th. So please don't hesitate to speak up!

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