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Five words...

... I can sum up my mood right now in just five little words.

SecureRemote: Worst VPN client ever.

I personally think I'd be better off with two tin cans and a bit of Twizzler stuck between them for all the problems I'm having. What the hell is this program's major malfunction? If I launch the diagnostics program it says that everything has set up and installed successfully for the site (my office), then it turns around and promptly tells me that my mother wears army boots and that my father lusted for plastic sheep. It's rather insulting to be blown off by a piece of software in such a manner, let me tell you.

Saturday was the day of the move, and by and large it went off without any really Bad Things happening. Many, many thanks go out to masem, aureth, jenwolf, roho and enveri for their willingness to lend their hands, arms, feet, legs and spines to the cause of moving me out of the old apartment. All of their work was greatly appreciated and I hope that I made it clear to them during the move how much it meant to me. And if I didn't make it clear enough then, let this post serve as due notice that without their help (and in some cases their CDLs) I would not have met with any success at all!

To make a long day fairly short: Everybody showed up on time, the truck that I rented from Penske was just the right size and was an absolute dream to work with, and the loading went very well thanks to the hydraulic lift gate the truck was equipped with. It only took us about 3 hours to get everything out of the apartment and into the back of the truck, then we stopped and took a break for one last lunch at the neighborhood 24-hour restaurant (Spring Garden) before we all hit the road. We overshot one of the turns we needed to make, and really weren't very surprised about it when we called for clarification and were told we were miles past our mark. We made it to neowolf2's house without any further incident, and got right into the work of unloading and storing everything we had just packed in the truck only hours before. Once we were done stuffing things in the basement we had the pleasure to meet Neo's wife, who is a charming and very kind lady. It's not everyone I know who would let their husband just loan out space in the basement to strangers. ;) They've also got a kick ass house -- I am envious, and thinking maybe to save on moving expenses I should just buy one of the houses in their neighborhood next year.

Once things were unloaded and stored at Neowolf's it was back to the old apartment to pack up the two pickups we had available (mine, and Kestral's) with the few essentials I needed so I could spend the night at the new apartment. This was in line with my goals for the weekend since I mostly wanted to get set up with storage, get set up with the minimums at the new apartment and have a chance to monitor Ra. I was, and to an extent still am concerned about how he'll get a handle on his new digs and the fact that he's competing with another cat in the household for territory rights. To satisfy my bare needs we loaded up the trucks with my bed, the spare mattress, some boxes, my desk, my PC, my cat and the dresser. We hit the road running and were making some decent time when my good luck for the day finally ran out: my eight-drawer dresser flipped out of the back of Kes's truck at 40 mph and slid a good thirty to fifty feet along Higgins Road, throwing sparks the whole way like something out of an action film. I think it should suffice to say that the dresser didn't much care for such abusive treatment and promptly went to pieces in the literal sense. We were able to salvage the bits and parts, throw it in the back of the pickup again and make the rest of the trip up to the new apartment. Subsequent review of the dresser seems to indicate that it might be salvageable to some extent, but I'm not sure if it's worth it. I mean, large chunks are missing from the trim, the dresser's top is cracked and I would have to find some way to sort of put it all back together so it'd be able to hold the drawers again. I sense a trip to Ikea in my future and I am not really very happy about it but... well, that's the way the ball bounces sometimes. To borrow from the illustrious Man in Black, "I don't like it / but I guess things happen that way."

Sunday saw me back at the old apartment, where I hooked up with Aureth and Jenwolf so we could get the truck returned. I needed Aureth's skilled hands once more to return the moving van since he's the only one in the Pack with a CDL and thus was the only one qualified to drive the rig -- for now. Yes, the truck was that big, and it had air brakes. After we returned the truck to Penske's yard we travelled up to the apartment, shot the breeze for a bit and went our separate ways. Roho, Kestral and I made up for our lack of attendance at bd's on Saturday by indulging in a lunch on Sunday. We ate plenty of food, chatted with one another and bantered some with a regular employee as well as the restaurant manager. All told it was a well-deserved reward for the work we put in on Saturday, and we got a free dessert out of the deal!

Once lunch was finished we made our way down to Schaumburg to attend the last MFF meeting before the con. A few last-minute issues got worked out and by and large it was nice to just get a chance to see that all the major organizational details are finished before we go into production this Thursday. After the meeting a trip was made to the old apartment to pick up a few more necessities (such as my clothes) and then it was back home for relaxation and booze. I also took the opportunity to get my PC set up and wired into the home network so I can communicate with the outside world.

This week's main goals are simple: Keep my job, get a few tweaks accomplished on the MFF art show database system, unpack my room a little more and attend MFF. Once I'm actually at the con and back in my groove I'm sure that a lot of my stress will dissipate. It also will not hurt to see my friends again.

But for now... I need to sleep, so I can go in to work tomorrow. It's hard to adjust to this new commute, even though it's only added 11 more miles and about 15 more minutes!

The ashtray's full and I'm spillin' my guts

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