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I can officially vomit in rage now. The idiot public has once again proven it needs to be nerve-gassed into the stone age as Karyn, of SaveKaryn.com fame has now been bailed out of her $20k self-incurred debt by donations she received thanks to her web site. That's right, people donated over $13,000 dollars to her.

Think about it. Only in America can a woman get herself $20k in debt by using her credit cards (from her FAQ: "I just couldn't stop buying things. It's as simple as that. I'm going to be honest here... I wasn't out saving the world. I was just at Bloomingdales") and then convince perfect strangers to save her from her own stupidity. Yet throughout our country there are thousands of children of all ages and races who are going hungry tonight, who can't afford warm clothes for this winter, who won't be able to get a college education.

My question is: where the fuck is their $13k in donations?

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