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Yes, instead of going up to Milwaukee for the weekend, like I should have done, I conspired with Roho to bring Jen down to Chicago again with promises of Blue Man Group. This appeared to be successful, until I realized the one fatal flaw in my plans... I had no tickets! Worse yet... more and more people started joining the group. First it was Roho, Nessus and I. Then I conned Jen into attending. Then we conned Aureth into attending as well. Then I realized it wouldn't be very polite of me not to ask the roommate along. Well, where Twan goes, so goes his girlfriend, now that she's moved into the apartment with us... so we went from four people to five, then from five people to seven. At $43 dollars (plus $3.50 "handling charge") per ticket, that was going to be a sizable whack out of my Discover card. But I was ready for it, because dammit, we need to go somewhere fun!

So, I called the theater, asked if there were seven tickets for Blue Man Group's 10pm showing tomorrow, and low and behold... there were, but only just barely. They're in the left balcony, and the agent told me they were "slightly obstructed" but I figured I better at least take them so we can go at least this once and say we've seen it. I mean... I probably won't get the chance again. I've been living in Chicago since November 1996 and never once gone to any event in the city short of a single job interview.

So, tomorrow at around 6pm or 7pm, people will begin to gather at my apartment. With the show being at 10pm we won't have to hurry too much, which was basically what I was shooting for by getting tickets to that late-evening show... to be honest, I'm amazed I was able to get tickets at all. When I called the theater to put them on "will-call" status the automated message said I needed to be ready to make selections for dates two to four weeks from now. Two to four WEEKS, people, that's how popular this show is. If you've seen their commercials for Intel I'm sure you think they're limited, but trust me... that is but 1/1000th of what they can do musically. I'm entertaining the idea of buying their DVD while I'm down there.

Well, tomorrow night will be interesting, to say the least. I am not a big fan of cities, having grown up on a farm. I find cities to be crowded, noising, dirty and just in general terrifying -- but then, I am a country boy, so I guess that just sort of figures, doesn't it? At least I will have a crowd of people I know and approve of to hide myself within.

On a less pleasant note, I have found that one of my major stock investments has tanked in a most spectacular motion. I believe this is where Kette's boyfriend Dave tells me that I am a fool, and that I should now take my remaining money and focus it upon gold.

And... right before I was set to post this, I got another little tidbit of joy hot off the #wt press: Rhythms NetConnections, who provides my DSL connection to the 'net, has just filed Chapter 11. This doesn't bode well, as the last time my provider did this I lost my connection 14 days later and was forced onto an entirely different provider's network (Rhythms, no less). I pray that Rhythms is able to pull off a reorg that keeps them afload. I need this DSL line to run my hosting services, to telecommute, and to lord it over my fellow coworkers. Granted, I pay more than I really should for the line, but it's my little indulgence.

If they fail, I'm screwd. Covad is not a viable option for me, because I've seen their financial status, and they're in worse shape than Rhythms -- I fully expect them to close their doors in 2002, probably by the end of the first quarter. I need to start making plans to get ISDN in here, or something, to keep my network connection afloat... otherwise I'm going to have to start looking to colocate my servers at some ISP, which will keep my provided services afloat but won't allow me to stay too connected. At this point it is all conjecture, I don't know for certain that they're going to close their doors, and they've pledged to give their customers 31 days notice if they do shut down.

So now the waiting begins.

If god had a name, what would it be?

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