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Uh. Huh. Riiiight.

So at the end of July I commissioned an artist with a fairly well-recognized name on the advice of a friend of mine. I was hoping this artist would be able to work up an illustration based on an idea that had cropped into my head from out of the blue and was intriguing enough that I thought it'd be worth paying for. I contacted the artist, lost contact with the artist, then got contact established again. I paid him 1/4 of the agreed-upon fee in advance to help offset the cost of the materials for my request as well as to show good faith on my part to pay the rest of the amount when the work was done. When he received the payment on July 30 th he sent me an e-mail to let me know it arrived, and then that was the last I heard from him.

I figured all right, the man has a job, the man has a social life, he's got things to do. I'm in no rush, and it'll be well worth the wait. So I didn't pester him, I just let things go. August passed and I didn't have an update from him . That's cool. The first two weeks of September pass and I don't hear anything from him, so I start getting a little worried. I shoot him a letter on the 12 th of September asking what the status of the project is. Dead silence. I wait two weeks and send him another letter. No answer. Two more weeks elapse and I send him a third inquiry, and once again I get... you guessed it, no answer. So I've figured that this money is all but gone at this point and this dude is a deadbeat who doesn't plan to refund or produce. Before I start flying off the handle, though, I give him one last chance to redeem himself and mailed him again last night. It was one final plea for a reply and status update. Since I suspected he was considering reneging on the agreement I gave him a graceful way out just in case he wasn't replying because he felt he couldn't without looking like a jackass (Apparently he didn't realize that not being professional and replying to a polite inquiry made him look like a jackass just fine).

Lo and behold I get a reply today:

Hey there,

I'd lost your e-mail address and asked [mutual friend] to page #mail it to me on
Furrymuck, which she never did. It's the only way I can communicate with
her, since I work weekends and never can see her player anymore in RL.

I'm glad you e-mailed me back. Right now I'm having trouble working up the
time to do anything other than sleep after work. In hindsight, I shouldn't
have taken another commission, or taken payment ahead of time. If I get
time, I'll go ahead and do it and work up the color experiment, but I'd
rather not hold your money, even if it's only $25, due to the uncertain
amount of time I will have. If you could supply me with your address,
which I have lost, I can see that it's returned for now.


Yeah. Okay, so this jackass can communicate with our mutual friend on FurryMUCK, but it never occurs to him to try paging me there? I know I left him at least one pagemail on the game as well as all these e-mails, so he should have known I was "that" Feren. And he lost my e-mail address? After he and I exchanged about 8 e-mails to discuss the price, size and media of the piece and I started pestering him on a bi-weekly basis? No, I don't believe that at all.

I hope you enjoyed your $25 interest-free loan from the First National Bank of Feren. It took you three months and five e-mails on my part for you to reach the conclusion you don't have time? You're goddamn right you can send me that money back, and you aren't seeing a dime from me even if you were to magically produce the piece in question tomorrow in photo-quality.

People wonder why I hate most of the artists in this fandom, well, let this case speak for itself. When you have to deal with prima donnas like this who don't have an ounce of professional courtesy in their entire body I don't think it should come as a surprise that my reaction has become so negative.

. o O o .

To be perfectly clear, it's not the wait that has me angry, nor that he's decided it would be best to refund my money. No, my problem is that this guy couldn't show any professionalism at all and decided to not reply to me or keep me updated. I was perfectly willing to wait up to 12 months for this to get completed, but after getting treated like this there's no way I'll wait that long now.

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