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State of the Feren

It is 1904 hours on Friday, the first of November 2002, and I'm halfway in the bag. I am moving quickly to being three-quarters of the way in the bag, then hopefully I'll fall all the way into the bag. Skyy vodka, meet cranberry juice. Cranberry juice, meet Skyy vodka. Awww, they're friendly!

I had cool conversations with a coworker today. I went through a lot of nostalgia and gained a bit of insight into myself. I won't say I understand myself better, but I gained some insight into why I do the things that I do.

Epiphanies can be frightening.

Today was pay day.

I am so ready for this weekend.

I realized that our Arlington campus is putting Stupid in the water supply again. Put on your orange jump suits, you're going to Logic Prison.

I got to chat with 2_gryphon for a bit tonight.

I still don't understand females.

I probably never will.

I got my new PC up and running. It's stable, and it doesn't seem to go over 48 degrees Celsius now that I've hosed the AMD down with ceramic thermal compound.

I have kick ass friends.

I got to ride in a 2000 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am at 111 miles per hour down Illinois Rt. 83 in Elmhurst, Illinois.

Life is.

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