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In the words of Bill and/or Ted... - Paint It Black
Living the American dream one heartbreaking piece at a time
In the words of Bill and/or Ted...


See, I didn't have anything interesting planned out for tonight, so I figured I'd get the DVD player programmed up for my coworker before I brought it in to the office tomorrow. I'm being a nice guy and saving him the trouble of going through and unlocking the regions and removing Macrovision himself -- or at least that's what I was hoping to accomplish. I got everything ready, plopped the box on the floor and unpacked it only to find a scratch on the side of the unit. While the scratch didn't seem to be that worrisome, the big ass dent around the scratch was slightly more difficult to ignore. I'm sure that the unit is fine, assuming they put the board far enough away from that edge of the casing. That's not the point -- a unit that is supposed to be "brand new" had better be just that, or I better get one hell of a discount off the purchase price. I also don't think my coworker is really going to want to have a DVD player that's banged up from the get-go.

So tomorrow I get to take the unit back to Sam's Club, along with my receipt, and try to get an exchange accomplished. This should be an exercise in futility since this banged-up unit was the very last one they had in stock and they didn't evidence any plans to get another shipment.

Bleah redux.

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roho From: roho Date: October 7th, 2002 01:16 am (UTC) (Link)
Or if they're anything like Circuit City, they'll just say, "Well, you must've done that yourself...no returns!" They sold me a VCR with two missing components...the remote, and the little mini-remote that you can use to have the VCR change the channel on the cable box.

Since I figured I'd want one or the other of these at some point, I went back to Circuit City. "Hmm. Yes, well, we can sell you a remote, but I don't know about the other part." "Er, I already bought one, it just didn't make an appearance in the box, I need to buy it again?" "Yes sir!" "Fine. I'll return the VCR." "Okay...but we'll have to charge your card for the missing parts." "....WHAT?!"

Good luck getting them to swap it! Hopefully they'll be reasonable! Didn't think to check if the local Sam's had 'em in stock when we went yesterday, unfortunately :/
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