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I am a hopeless geek.

I was reading Slashdot last night, just before I went to bed. I saw an article where somebody took the pair of Sun E15k servers their company had just purchased and did a little modding so they were, well, cooler than stock. I had to share that with my coworkers, because I've always been of the opinion that for $1.3M our servers should do something really neat while they sit there and suck up electricity. Maybe, with luck, they'll let us do something similar (but I'm not holding my breath). Yes, yes, I'm a follower, but Dammit -- that's just Really Cool.

But wait, I have further proof that I am a hopeless geek! Please see the exhibit marked "B", also known as my overwhelming joy last night when I applied a full-blown SSL certificate to my web server so that I can encrypt various things for BPEN's users (for example, the web page for accessing e-mail). I must have blithered on about that in various places for an hour and a half (my apologies to everyone who had to tolerate it).

I need a logo for my web server's front page. Bleah.

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