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It's been quite some time since I last wrote in here. I've had plenty of interesting things happen, yet I still haven't been inspired or particularly motivated to write.

In other news I do have a gripe brewing in the back of my head after I noticed something in the john today, but that's a story for another time.

I've found myself lacking in patience more and more as the days go by. My tolerance for the typical corporate bullshit that gets perpetuated at the office has dropped to nearly zero. I've grown short with people online. So many people that I don't even really know seem to have expectations set for me that are completely arbitrary and, frankly, total bullshit. For example: a random acquaintance online (I met him all of once in real life) got in a snit when I wouldn't give my e-mail address out so that he could try to win some contest that requires you send in a form with your e-mail. I'm not in the business of giving out my e-mail addresses (especially since I've just finally gotten converted over to one that's not spammed fifteen thousand times a day). I'm also not in the business of doing "favors" like that for people I don't know. That's pretty goddamn brazen, paging somebody out of the blue so you can impose upon them to win some fucking new toy or another.

For the first time in years I feel the overwhelming urge to role play again -- but very few people I know in the online world actually role play. A vast majority of the folks I do know online use it as a cheap alternative to the telephone. The few people that I know who do RP aren't in the mood to do it, or aren't around, or what have you. So I've all but given up on that idea, and put it back on the shelf to accumulate dust for a few more years.

By and large I'm just being made cross by nearly everything I encounter. I want to go out and socialize, but at the same time I want to stay away from everyone. It's a hell of a frustrating quandary.

I can't wait for this funk to break.

I want a cigarette.

The economy was getting' so bad
I had to lay myself off

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