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Beating my head against the wall...

It must be the year of inability to show courtesy, because as of late I've tried a number of methods in the hopes of contacting various folks and failed sucktacularly each time. Depending on where they hang out I've at one time or another employed e-mail, IRC, ICQ, paging on MUCK/MUSH/MUD/MOO and telepathy. Several of these people remain stubbornly unresponsive.

I've tried to play nicely with them. I've been patient and forgiving. I've given chance after chance. So, having burned out my patience trying to deal with them on their terms, I'm switching modes and am putting them in my "fuck 'em" bin. I've got other, less aggravating things I can waste my time on, like teaching my cat to program in Cobol.

I'm learning to fly

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