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For the benefit of kristenq...

... I've been a good little monkey and have been tweaking up the "Memories" section of my journal. At last my labors bear fruit, and you can now go here to see a list of the various rants I've written in my journal. They touch on a number of various topics in the last year or so. If you're particularly observent you'll see that most of them were written in 2001. Only one was written in 2002, and it's of pretty piss-poor quality, so I'm sort of ashamed of including it in there. But, at the same time, the issue I'm writing about it is near and dear to my heart so I included it in there anyway. None of them stack up to 2_gryphon's work, but I like to think they've got their own little place in the world.

Read them. See how I used to do my journal entires? I want to write like that again.

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