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I hate Mondays. Of course, Tuesdays are the days we have our weekly staff meetings, so I hate those more.

Today I had some success -- I figured out why my OpenBSD development server at work wasn't compiling its new patch kernel -- let it never be said that Altavista can't be useful for something. I learned, thanks to a search on there, that OpenBSD comes out of the box with a copy of GNU's make, as well as BSD's make. You must use BSD's make to build the kernel (Seems sort of logical, doesn't it?) otherwise you will get strange, frustrating errors. Guess which one was first in my PATH's search? Yep, the GNU one. Hence all the damnable errors I wrestled with for two working days. TWO.

But I at least managed to get it to compile. Tomorrow I'll see if I can get it to install and boot. If I do, I have achieved a sufficient level of knowledge to feel comfortable with putting this thing out in a production environment for some real testing.

On a completely different note, I got ahold of my former insurance company, and conferenced the adjuster in with my mechanic. JC was pretty good, he didn't let the insurance guy get a word in about if the problems on the Camaro are caused by the accident or not -- he laid out all the problems, what they have in common, and insisted without wavering they had something to do with the fact my car was hit at 40MPH on the same side (front right quarter panel, actually) where these problems exist. The insurance man said that JC just needed to send him an estimate and he'd cut a check directly to the shop to cover the work.

The real pisser of this deal is that if the adjuster had been competent, he'd have seen these problems, added the repair costs onto the body work and seen that it made the car too expensive to fix -- and they would have totaled it. Totaling it would have made me happy, because then I'd be shut of the cursed thing.

Ah well. This is par for the course that is my life.

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