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Must be my depression talking...

.. because right now I'm just spoiling for a fight. I think I just picked a real good one, too. Tomorrow it seems very likely that I'm going to have it out with my manager at the office. He practically accused me of lying in an e-mail today. Business politics be damned, I'm sick of his shit.

I sent him a nasty response and in it I told him we need to talk in person. So, the game plan right now is that tomorrow I'm going to sit down with him in his office, close the door and settle this face-to-face with him. I'm tired of these cutesy-pie backdoor fucking games he keeps playing. It ends, and now. I don't care what bridges I burn, I'm going to tell him to his face exactly what I think of his management style and the crap he's tried to pull.

Maybe nothing will happen. Maybe I'll get written up. Maybe I'll get fired. Frankly, I don't care. Whatever happens it'll be a relief to clear the air between he and I.

Don't waste a word

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