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Tuesday, 9/24/02

Today has been a roller coaster. I'm up, I'm down, I'm up again, I'm down again.

I forgot I had a conversion scheduled for 9 AM. DOWN. That's okay, because the engineer at the campus forgot too. UP. I was short with my coworkers, a few of whom have been adding Stupid to their water again. DOWN. I closed a couple of help desk tickets. UP. I attended a meeting, which wasted 30 minutes of my time. DOWN. I got to make fun of almost everyone in that meeting before I left. UP.

I got out of work ten minutes later than I should have because I waited up for coworkers who can't keep their shit straight. DOWN. I got home in a reasonable amount of time. UP. I reheated leftovers for dinner. Down. I sat in front of the PC and listened to music for a bit. UP. I tried to be social on the MUCKs, but the people I tried to be social with were either busy with other things, idle, or being annoying in some other manner, so I just gave up on them. Why can't they just admit they're otherwise occupied, instead of keeping me strung along? DOWN. I thought about just dumping online entirely, because it pisses me off more times than not. UNDECIDED.

I helped somebody troubleshoot and repair their first implementation of Windows Networking. DOWN, because it's Windows. The things I had them do actually worked, so they can do what they need/want the network to do. UP.

I want this bullshit to stop. I don't care if I'm up or if I'm down. I just want the ride to stop for a while so my stomach any my mood can catch up to me again.

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