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Something good, something bad

Good: Getting e-mail from a long-lost friend, who (for some reason that is impossible for mere mortals to fathom) still thinks you're a good fella and worth the effort and time to talk to.
Bad: Not responding to them for a month.

Good: Eliminating credit card debt
Bad: Having to become a miser to accomplish the goal of eliminating debt. Okay, this isn't so much "bad" as it is really frigging annoying.

Good: Good music
Bad: Bad music

Good: Boxes from work
Bad: Having to pack them

Good: Art
Bad: Fucksnack artists who can't show an ounce of professionalism or courtesy

Good: Cartoon Network
Bad: The rumor that DBZ is being pulled

Good: Friends who listen
Bad: When they're so far away that you can't take them out to talk over some beers

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