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I've been reading JWZ's rants again. He's made me remember how much I hate the traditional corporate mindscape. To celebrate the complete Charlie Foxtrot (that's polite code for "cluster fuck") that permeates my workplace and prevents individual thought, I recently hit upon the unoriginal idea to make a statement about the way a company that prides itself on teaching technology has become firmly lodged in 1970. I think it would be fun to mock the anti-progressive group-think by dressing up as a faceless drone, an IBM employee, a Man In Black. I want to do the full black suit with black tie and impeccable white shirt. I want to have five of them that I wear, one per day. I will print the day of the week that each suit should be worn on the tag, so I can complete the conversion of my brain into little more than a heat sink for the rest of my body.

The problem is I don't know if it'd draw any attention. Worse yet, I'm frightened it might garner me praise.


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