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Today has been a yoyo.

My day at work was a low. Coming home with groceries to find Cheb's gift was a high. Later this evening I got hit with another low. I'm left wondering about a lot of things tonight. I'm confused, and I'm hurt. Not all of it is related to the events of one year ago, although they no doubt helped to color my mood this evening to some extent. Some of this, though, has been boiling under the surface. Tensions. Doubts. Worries. It's coming to a head.

I'm going to go to bed. Staying awake doesn't help me sort this out. It only fuels my frustration and makes me want to make rash, angry decisions -- something I might regret later.

Most of all, right now: I want to curl up and sleep. I don't want any dreams. I want to just sleep. Please, for once... let me just have peace.

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