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Somebody remind me why I'm still awake? I have to get up for work in seven hours (Yes, I know that's still a decent amount of sleep, but I normally go to bed at 10:30 or so), I should be in bed by now.

All told my day was pretty quiet and positively lazy. I ordered pizza for lunch, lounged around the apartment, and had one or two technical/geek discussions on #watertower that were pretty interesting to me. Kette and Tofusensei are trying to "corrupt" me (How do you corrupt somebody who already sold his soul for powers from the ultimate evil?) and turn me towards anime. I've seen some examples of it (which most hard core anime fans scoff at, I'm sure... Dragonball Z, Akira, Voltron, that sort of thing), and while I think it's pretty neat, I've yet to see anything that really, really flips my switch the way some TV series and movies have. We'll see if, through their dedicated efforts, they find something that works for me -- currently I'm getting some videos to introduce me to Escaflowne, which they say is pretty good stuff. My only problem is getting the time to sit down and actually watch the episodes I've been given. Hopefully I'll be able to scrap an hour or two this week to take a peek and see what all this hype is about.

I should hit the hay, but for some reason I'm just not feeling like I want to, even though I'm yawning at a furious pace. Gah. Tomorrow promises to be not fun... I have positively got to call my former insurance company to gripe about the Camaro and how they failed to fix it properly. I'm now over 60 days past the accident, and I'm losing rights by the minute. Fuck me running, I'm stupid, I should have handled this earlier, but I resorted to my usual method -- if I don't want to deal with it because of the potential cost/trouble, I'll ignore it and maybe it'll go away. I've done this enough times to know the flaw -- the problem never goes away and only gets worse -- but it's some sort of ingrained sickness I have. I really, really need to work on that problem, because if I don't I'll wind up doing it to the wrong thing in the future and end up in a really serious problem because of it, or even worse...

Fear is an amazing motivation for self-improvement, isn't it? It's been used by any number of leaders (family, government, etc), it has used by religion to make its members behave according to that faction's particular moral code, etcetera etcetera. If you don't shape up, the company is going to downsize you... you won't get your 5% raise if your attitude doesn't improve... that sort of thing.

I'm rambling in a totally disjointed manner. I really guess I should go to bed. Maybe I'll pick up this thread tomorrow and explore it further....

If Hollywood don't need you, honey, I still do.

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